Construction cost calculator

The information provided by our calculator is a guide only and can be confirmed after the design is finalised and an exact scope of works is known. Cost of consultants, design and local authority fees not included. If you would like to know more specific information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

New house from € 3000 per sq m

if there are no works - please type '0'

  • Low budget, simple build,
    approx cost  €2,500 / sq. m

  • Medium standard and complexity of works,
    approx cost  €3,000 / sq. m

  • High Standard - high quality of materials and complexity of works,
    €4,000 / sq. m recommended

  • Full renovation
    approx cost  €2,000 / sq. m

  • Refurbishment, light works (usually re-painting, new floors)
    approx cost  €1000 / sq. m

  • Furniture and fixtures (kitchen, wardrobes, etc)
    recommended minimum for kitchen is  €10,000, wardrobes €5,000

  • Landscaping and works around the house
    recommended minimum value is €5,000

  • Airtightness
    recommended min €8,000

  • Solar panels
    recommended minimum value is €5,000

  • Photovoltaic panels
    recommended minimum value is €10,000

  • Heat pump
    recommended minimum value is €10,000

  • Rainwater harvesting system
    recommended minimum value is €7,500